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In fact, the whole premise of Zoybar and their thriving community of users is this process of adaptation, customization and innovation of the standardized kits to meet their own specifications and likes.
For Those About To Rock On a 3D-Printed Guitar, We Salute You This crazy guitar is handmade – in a way. Designed on a computer and 3D printed, the guitar works quite well and looks like something Starchild would use to blow up an alien invasion force.
Whatever detractors may say about the virtues (or lack thereof) of 3D printed instruments, the prospect was apparently alluring enough to capture the attention and imagination of legendary bassist Harvey Brooks, now a member of the Zoybar community. Brooks has apparently taken quite a shining to the new technology and the tools it affords, as the video below shows him playing some solid bass on a fretless Zoybar bass guitar, all the while reminiscing about improvising with some of the biggest musical names from the last century like Bob Dylan and Miles Davis, and reverse engineering a Zoybar Bass Kit.
We've seen a few Zoybar-based behemoths since we were hepped to the modular guitar platform way back in '08, but few have caught our fancy like Kevin Rupp's KR1. Featuring a Korg Kaossilator synth, both the Pocket Pod and a wireless transmitter from Line 6, and the beloved Sanyo Pedal Juice battery pack, this bad boy can do double duty as both your ax and your backing band. But enough of our jabber jaw -- you want to see it in action, right?
This video of the KR1, Kevin Rupp’s hand-made guitar synth based on the Zoybar platform is pretty darn wild. It features a Line 6 Pocket Pod, a Line 6 Relay G30 wireless transmitter, a Korg Kaossilator Pro Synth Loop station, and Sanyo Pedal Juice re-chargeable battery. You can record and play over multiple loops and drum fills and then solo over them like a boss.
조이바(Zoybar)는 사용자가 직접 기타를 제작하고 나아가 더욱 발전시킬 수 있도록 하는 *오픈소스(open-source) 플랫폼이다. 조이바 하드웨어 스토어에서는 기타의 각 모듈을 구입할 수 있는데, 이 모듈들은 조립법이 지정되어 있는 것이 아니라 서로 여러 방식으로 결합이 가능하다. 이러한 조립 방식에 따라 새로운 기타의 형태가 만들어지고, 색다른 소리가 구현되기도 한다. 사용자는 원하는 부품만을 골라 주문, 조립하여 자신의 상상에 따라 원하는 기타를 제작할 수 있는 것이다.
Zoybar offers a guitar kit for musical hardware hackers that can be arranged in multiple ways. While it comes in either bass or six-string configurations, parts of the body can be fully tweaked in Blender to achieve whatever look you desire.
Zoybar is a framework on which various types of stringed instruments can be built. The basic parts (nut, fingerboard, pickup, bridge, etc.) are available from Zoybar as CAD files that can be sent to a fabricator or created on your own 3D printer. CAD files are available for 6 string or bass guitars, and enthusiasts are encouraged to build on these basics by designing their own parts and uploading them to zoybar.net.
World's First 3D-Printed Guitar Dubbed the "Zoybar Tor," the guitar was created using Blender, and open-source design software for use with existing 3D printers.The final product, while still requiring some hardware -- pickups, machine heads, etc -- is remarkably complete, although the final model is also fretless. You can check out a video of the Zoybar Tor in action below.
3D-Printed Guitar Impresses Geeks, Musicians Alike It’s got a strange body shape, for sure, and you need to add some of the hardware like pickups and machine heads, but it’s designed to sit comfortably on your knee and even has a tailpiece-style extension which allows you to rest it upright against a wall. An intrepid and skillful luthier may even be able to put metal frets on the neck, but I can’t help wonder if it’s cooler without...
From Economy of Commodities to Economy of Ideas: Hardware as Social Medium. Design Management Review Volume 22, Issue 3, pages 44–53, September 2011 Ziv Bar Ilan
Zoybar is a like Meccano for music. It’s an open-source guitar kit which you put together yourself, and the modular parts can be arranged in many combinations to make differently shaped instruments. The kit can be bought in either bass or six-string configurations, but the twist is that you can further customize the designs yourself.
Zoybar Tor, designed using open source 3D modeling software. Everyone seemed to agree that it looked great with its sleek, minimal design, but the big question was: how did it sound? Well, we emailed Bård and asked him if he wouldn’t mind sending us a video of him playing it, and he kindly obliged with the video above. Keep in mind he’s playing this fretless, but even so, we think it sounds pretty damn good.
The white parts that make up the body contours of this guitar have been 3D printed to meet [Bård S D's] personal specifications. He started designing the pieces last year to add to his Zoybar guitar. Each of the three parts has its own function.
The guitar works quite well and looks like something Starchild would use to blow up an alien invasion force. The plans, which are open source, are available here ... It requires a few non-fabricated electronics, but otherwise it’s a completely homegrown axe that looks cooler than cool.
He then printed it, attached pickups and strings, and performed on it, to quite pleasant effect, as can be verified by this short video. Bravo!
3Dデータをダウンロード、形状を自分の好みやサイズに合わせて調整したデータを共有。 3Dプリントすることでホントのギターを手に入れられる、オープンソースなみんなのエレキギター。
Na powyższym nagraniu mogliście zobaczyć pokaz możliwości gitary. Jest całkiem nieźle, prawda? Koszt podstawowego modelu to 670 dolarów. Na tej bazie można zamontować białą nakładkę widoczną na filmie. Gitary to zresztą niejedyne instrumenty muzyczne, których drukowanie ma umożliwić projekt Zoybar.
Now, he didn’t print the entire guitar. The guts of the guitar are based on Zoybar’s open platform, which lets musicians experiment with their own custom musical instruments using a library of standard, reusable components.
Para muchos músicos, la guitarra es una dama única y especial, una compañera personal de la cual se aprende constantemente. Pero si alguien quiere una relación aún más íntima, en vez de comprar una guitarra, debería fabricarla, o mejor dicho en este caso, ensamblarla.
In the future, will you print musical instruments off your computer, instead of buying them at the local music store? It may sound a bit 'flying car', but check out this demonstration video of the Zoybar TOR - an open source 3D printed guitar. In essence, instruments like the Tor can be modeled using open source 3d software. The models can be shared via the Internet.
"It’s been a growing trend this past year and is something we will only be seeing more of as the technology gets cheaper and the processes behind it become simpler. This particular guitar was made through Zoybar—a research and development lab open to anyone who wants to create instruments or applications..."
"The open-source movement's capacity for collaborative innovation on the content and productivity side is a well-established reality, with success stories like Wikipedia, Wordpress and Firefox to show for. But open-source initiatives on the creative side are still a relative rarity. Zoybar is out to change that. "
"Until now duplicating hardware innovation was a fragmented process. You needed to start over every time. The collaborative level was more of a reaction rather than interaction".
"Se siete dei musicisti e volete di più dal vostro strumento a corda (in particolare la chitarra, ma non soltanto) Zoybar può essere il luogo adatto a voi. Si tratta di una comunità cresciuta su attorno all’idea del designer israeliano Ziv Bar Ilan per condividere progetti non commerciali legati alla costruzione fai-da-te di strumenti a corda"

Brooks, 1960s musical icon, said: "This is a lot of things that don't exist ... There's no end to it, you just attach it on and play." Sliding his fingers on the sound-effect controller, eyes bright at the unique sound, he said: "I think it's an incredible idea and I wish I'd thought of it."

Israel ist "Patentweltmeister": Nirgendwo sonst werden gemessen an der Bevölkerung so viele Erfindungen angemeldet. Auch nennt man sich selbst gern "Start up Natio": Land der Existenzgründer.
Zoybar has received the 2009 Atir Awards – Israeli Industrial Design Awards by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Labor.
"Zoybar`s modular design offers a new development process that incorporates attributes from the digital domain - cut & paste, copy & paste and the most important 'undo' - the ability to move back and forth in the assembly without losing materials or information."
" At the end of the first decade of the 21st century, new means of production and design are creating new markets. These emerging markets and resources require new business models and design approaches. What began as a research project of alternative production platforms evolved into a successful open hardware commercial venture. ..."
"This is a guitar for musicians, not necessarily for guitarists. It's meant for people who are interested in creativity as such, not only for those who just do what they are told..."
I.D. — September/October 2009 Vol. 56, Number 6 Sound Ideas Modular music-making platforms are changing the way we think of the musical instrument — and building communities in the process. By Daron Murphy
"These days, open-source hardware is the rage among venture capitalists, technologists and hackers: The idea is that you provide a kit of modular parts, which anyone can then adapt to whatever need they like."
"the design is essentially like a lego for musical instruments, the parts can be assembled and reassembled in any configuration allowing the creation of completely new instruments."
"It’s essentially what others might do with pieces of random instruments, but the attachment method for the bits in a Zoybar setup is standard so that they’re swappable, individually upgradeable and so on, without any soldering or drilling to be done."
"The results look like something the evil supergeek in an 80s movie would play. “So, Todd, you think you and your puny Goody and the Goody Two-Shoes can defeat me, Brad, in the Battle of the Bands Saturday? Ha! You haven’t seen my secret weapon, the Kaossitar. My band, The Black Death, will be unbeatable – and the babilicious Mindy is totally mine! Now, where’d I put my Power Glove…”
"Stringed instruments are diverse in sound and design, but they all share the same basic shape. That similarity hadn't really bugged anyone too much for the last few hundred years, but where most see variety Zoybar sees redundancy..."
"These modular parts are able to be assembled together into various instruments, and amazingly enough, can be swapped during the performance to go along with a myriad of special effects simply by adding or changing their position across the profile grooves."
"The Zoybar kits aim to reduce a lot of those complexities -- the components are all open-source, extremely customizable, and modular. They boast seemingly endless options for the guitar (or whatever you choose to build), not to mention the possibilities of the special effects displays. It looks like it's going to be pretty simple to get creative with the kits"
"Zoybar is an open musical instrument development platform, implementing some very innovative ideas that are usually thrown around only in the realm of software development."
"Here's something you've never seen before. Seriously. Zoybar has developed this guitar-looking device that allows players to manipulate sounds from several stringed instruments..."
"Guitar aficionados, get ready to drool. Even if you’re not into guitars or any other musical instrument, this product will definitely interest anyone with a liking for creativity."
"Have you every wanted to make your own guitar but have been put off by your lack of wood working skills? A Zoybar could be the solution..."
"L’imagination n’a pas de frontière et tant mieux ! Et dans le domaine des instruments de musique, ce postulat se confirme par la Zoybar. "
"Zoybar Is To Guitars What Controllerism Is To MIDI Interfaces"
"As modular synthesizers are to the world of synths, the Zoybar is to guitars"
"Qui si è affrontata la cosa dal punto di vista opposto, quello dell’utente finale; il livello di libertà di scelta è massimo, si può realizzare tutta una vasta gamma di alternative, si va dalle più semplici chitarre elettriche, passando per i bassi, fino alle stravaganti chitarre a doppio manico...."
"Zoybar looks like a transformer robot. It can be mounted with different necks, different pickups - and there's plenty of room for third party hardware effects. Instant sound control at your fingertips"

"Les concepteurs de la Zoybar n’ont gardé que l’essentiel structurel de la guitare. Un manche, des cordes et un corps réduit à l’état de simples armatures. Le principe de cet instrument réside dans sa modularité. Vous pouvez assembler les éléments qui le composent comme vous le désirez."
"Die Idee: Auf der Plattform können die Nutzer sich über ihre Konzepte für Saiten-Instrumente austauschen, indem sie sich zu Projektgruppen zusammenschließen oder Fotos und Videos für alle sichtbar online stellen. Da die Musiker sich ihre Instrumente selbst mit Hilfe des Basis-Baukastens zusammenbauen, können sie auch entscheiden, wie diese aussehen. Sie legen fest, wie lang der Korpus ist oder ob statt einem Griffbrett ..."