We highly recommend that before you mount the strings make sure that all of the bolts are tighten strongly.The bridge top right corner should be angled up slightly toward the neck.In many cases loosen bolts or poorly mounted sound effects controllers can cause buzzin sounds by the vibrations of the strings while playing on loud volume.Make sure that you also check the pickup mounting bolts and the strap bolts.In rare cases check the PL output and the potentiometer bolts as well.

Scale and Action:

There are many guitar scales that you can setup your Zoybar. (Click for Electric Bass Scales) As a modular platform Zoybar is not a specific instrument, so keep in mind that the initial position of the assembly doesn’t represent a specific scale.

Note: the tension of the strings on the profile changes when you change the scale length or the number of the strings and it could also might bend the neck angle under various tension. This is a common denominator to all string instruments:

wider scale = increases tension = might cause larger bend of the neck = low action

Tuning: Usually it takes a couple of days for the instrument to settle down after the first tuning of the strings.

Attaching Sound effects and additional hardware: One of the coolest features of Zoybar is that it can be mounted with different kinds of sound effects and controllers. Position of the sound effect should be considered thru couple of aspects:

Weight and center of gravity of the instruments balance after the assembly. Power supply of the attached feature: batteries or outsourced? Playing technique – reach and control over the effect relatively to the strings, You just might start a new playing technique 😉 Some effects might influence the signal of the pickup if placed near each other. Attaching method – different sound effects with different shapes and weights should be placed in a matter that would not fall off, shake or vibrate while playing the instrument. Move and rearrange the components as you like, you could also use the spare bolts to mount your own components.

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