As a modular instrument the fretless neck stays relevant to any string scale.
Nevertheless we encourage the use of local business. You can order a custom fretted neck from any local luthier.
Be sure to bring your exemplary Zoybar neck with you…

All of the parts are made from cast aluminum alloy, the bridge and the nut from brass and the fingerboard is made of course from wood…

Zoybar was designed to accommodate high level of modularity.
All of the components can be replaced, added or removed without the need to hack the instrument.
Zoybar is also open for independent upgrades and modifications.
Think of the Zoybar platform as a hardware version that might be similar to the Mobile App-Store concept.
Independent developers create new add-ons and plugins (sound effects) that become relevant to the whole Zoybar community. Almost any application can be easily attached to the Zoybar platform, just by adding and changing its position across the profile grooves with common bolts and screws.
Further along the Zoybar users will have numerous modifications and upgrade options as more developers will join the community. Adding a new feature or swapping components within the Zoybar community will be an amazing low cost option for those who are always looking to enrich their sounds, instruments and performance repertoire.

The Zoybar Hardware components are modular and are not a specific instrument.
The profile length (on witch you mount the Zoybar components) is 100 cm long.
You can change among others: the scale, the action, the amount of pickups and pickup types and also the amount of tuning keys and the tuning keys type – bass/regular guitar.
You could also design a new body or a neck and attach them to the profile with common bolts and nuts.
You can find more details on each kit here:
Short Bass kit
Six Strings Kit

We believe in production by demand with no over production and minimum waste. We can realize these goals by direct sales on the web and by cutting the middle man expenses. We try to bring the logistics behind every action to the minimum possible.

The pickup and the pl output are placed together in their detachable bracket unit.
The pickup unit was designed to accommodate different kinds of pickups.
With a little soldering skills you can change the pickup to almost any kind you would like.
Also, you could always detach the pickup unit from the instrument and take it to your local gear store for modification.

You can apply to become a designer and sell or share your creations through your dashboard or drop us a line here.

Not at the moment, but we are planning to collaborate with such organizations in the near future.
If you are faculty member or a teacher fill free to contact us.

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