Disclaimer !
Please be aware that Zoybar is a hardware platform.
We provide users with tools and services that enable them to create their own music instruments.
Zoybar is not a specific music instrument, we don’t define the final result – you do,
and we do not review or correct user-generated creations.
We want every customer to have a great experience and really enjoy the opportunity to create and invent new music instruments.
While it’s certainly easy for some to create their fantasy instrument, some inventions might take a little more heavy lifting.
At present, it is our strong recommendation that only experimental, or those that are looking for new sounds will purchase a Zoybar kit.


In any case that one of the components is damaged we will replace it with an equivalent part.
If your order was damaged in shipment, contact us for instructions. Save the original carton packing material and damaged goods for inspection by the carrier.

If you are not satisfied with your Zoybar kit, Zoybar allows you to return it, if it was purchased by you directly from us and you obtain the original receipt and packaging, during the fourteen (14) days period following the date you singed on the delivery receipt.
Please note that each kit you order from us is individually made and assembled, therefore cancellation fees will be in the amount of 10% of the total kit worth.
You will also be responsible for the returned shipping cost and fees.

If you return the product unused, undamaged, in its original condition, in the original packaging, and in accordance with this policy, we will exchange it or offer a refund.
Any refund will be made by crediting the account used to make the original purchase.
To begin the process of exchanging an item or obtaining a refund, please send an email to Zoybar support.