Feature Measurements and Electronics:

Neck: contoured radius fretless neck (481 mm length).
Width at the nut: 43.5 mm
Width at the body: 54 mm
Scale: adjustable
Tuning Gear: GOTOH.
Electronics: Golden Age pickup.
Bridge and Nut: Zoybar (Cast Brass)
Overall Length: 100 cm
Body Max Width: 34 cm
Overall Weight: 2.4 kg
Custom Zoybar traveling Case.
4 Extra mounting rail bolts.
Allen wrench.
2 Nylon Brackets
String set.


Zoybar is an open platform for independent upgrades and modifications.
Think of the Zoybar platform as a hardware version that might be similar to the Mobile App-Store concept.

Independent designers create new add-ons and plugins (sound effects, attachment tools, bridges, necks, bodies and more..) that become relevant to the whole Zoybar community. Almost any application can be easily attached to the Zoybar platform, just by adding and changing its position across the profile grooves with common bolts and screws.

All of the components can be replaced, added or removed without the need to hack the instrument.

Explore Add-Ons
Additional information
Weight 2.6 kg
Dimensions 120 × 57 × 10 cm

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