Zoybar is an open R&D Lab for professional and hobbyist musicians to easily create, customize and fabricate their own (tangible) music instruments and applications.
We manufacture and market fully produced modular hardware kits for those who are interested in experimenting with electric guitars physicality. As a modular platform our kits can be altered and customize by the end users themselves.
Our innovation model considers every user as a potential unique developer creating a “Decentralized R&D Lab” that grows rapidly in different directions. One of the most popular and powerful feature of Zoybar is its collaborative nature as a social network for music instruments innovation.
The collective intelligence co-creates endless modifications along with new music instruments that would have never been produced by traditional innovation and business models.

Zoybar was one of the first commercial open hardware companies that released its production CAD files for non commercial use (Innovation Journal 2009). By providing access to our production files and partnering with third party rapid production services, we have enabled our users to become active developers that communicate on unifying virtual and physical platforms.

Zoybar was founded (by the designer Ziv Bar Ilan) as an open platform that could be upgraded and improved by its users.

Home made mashup instruments have been growing rapidly under the radar for the last couple of years by ‘professional amateurs’. Some of these creations can be seen at our galleries and through the web. Until now duplicating hardware innovation was a fragmented process. You needed to start over every time. Zoybar is also a social network that supports the growing community of its users. Sharing ideas and creating in a co-creation environment brings a new era in the music instruments evolution.

Zoybar`s approach considers every user as a potential unique developer creating a “Decentralized R&D Lab” that grows rapidly in different directions. We believe that there will always be more smart people outside any company than within their restricted and limited conventional labs. This unique relationship between Zoybar and its users provide support and incentives for actual needs rather than dictating unwanted products.

We believe that only open decentralized approach can provide tools for the different needs and abilities of these scattered vast users. We provide physical and virtual platforms as creation tools for developing new music instruments. The end instruments are in the users hands, making each user a unique developer that can share ideas, solutions and even sell their own applications and instruments to other users of the community.

As part of the design and production process, the Zoybar Hardware is manufactured only by demand, with no over production and minimum waste. Our decentralized production process and the modular components system were designed to accommodate flexible productions scales with variety of solutions.

As an independent developer you can use the Zoybar hardware platform to integrate your application and become relevant to the whole Zoybar community. You can submit your projects as a group administrator and interact with your own forum, members, and rich media content platform for free.

With Zoybar, you don’t need to be a huge corporation to develop or promote your special effects application. We’ve done most of the heavy lifting, and your application can be easily attached to the Zoybar platform, just by adding and changing its position across the profile grooves with common bolts and screws.

You are also welcome to check our FAQ or learn about the basics.

In any other question that you might have feel free to drop us a line.