About This Challenge

This Collaboration represents the first hardware integration between a mass production product and mass customization of user made applications.
Join us in writing the next chapter of the new industrial revolution!

Shapeways is an online marketplace where consumers can create a wide range of customized, affordable products, from personalized cufflinks and jewelry to puzzles, home décor and more. As a leading marketplace for unique printed items, Shapeways latest 3D printing technology allows consumers to print, personalize and buy custom- made products.

Blender” is the free open source 3D content creation suite, available for all major operating systems under the GNU General Public License.”

Blenderart Magazine was started for the blender community to provide quality learning content from the efforts of the community itself. In addition to providing community contributed educational content, Blenderart Magazine promotes and encourages the use of Blender software in innovative and creative endeavors.

General Guidelines :
The Challenge:
Design original hardware features that can be incorporated with the Zoybar instruments following these categories:
Function: (Open to All)
Prize: A Full Zoybar Guitar or Bass Hardware kit + Fabrication of the winning design by Shapeways. Total Value: $870 (USD)
Original designs will be judged by usability, innovation, aesthetic features and use of material.
Be as elaborate as you can, describe the innovation’s function, musicality, design, and engineering features if relevant.
Don’t forget to give credits for those who lend a hand or participated in your design.
Manufacturing Limitations (read more):
– Max costs of design $200 (USD) provided by the Shapeways model calculator.
– Max size of 40x35x20 cm / 16x14x7 inch
Nominees are responsible to check manufacturing compatibility issues for their 3d model submission according to the Shapeways.com guidelines.
Fantasy: (Exclusive for Blender users only)
Prize: A Full Zoybar Guitar or Bass Hardware kit. Valued: $670 (USD)
This is where you can really go wild, but with no limitations the bar is much higher…
High quality rendered scenes and even animated clips will make the difference in this category…

In order to participate in this challenge all designs must include in their submissions:
A 3d part design in a VRML97 file format (don’t use VRML 1.0!).
At least one rendered close-up image file of the original design.
At least one rendered image scene that illustrates best how your original design is incorporated on an assembled Zoybar instrument.
(The Zoybar instrument must include at least 5 different parts of the Zoybar hardware)

Competition Stages
a. August 05, 2010 11:59 am, GMT: Design submissions begin.

b. August 22, 2010 11:59 am, GMT: Submissions are viewable. (submissions continue)

c. September 20, 2010 11:59 am, GMT: Judges select 3 designs in each category to qualify to the finals.

d. The nominees will upload their work to be ranked by the viewers:
– Fantasy category nominees will upload their best image to The Zoybar photo gallery
– Function category nominees will upload their CAD files to The Shapeways.com gallery

e. The winners will be selected by their highest view countand and ranking. In case of a tie the design with the most comments would win.

f. October 05, 2010 11:59 pm GMT: End of competition.



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